Sabrina Frey plays with Accademia dell Arcadia: Recorder, 2 violins, viola, violoncello and harpsichord


Rejouissance aus der Suite in a-Moll

The recorder

in concert

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Giuseppe Sammartini

Concerto in F major

3rd movement

Sabrina Frey plays with Accademia dell'Arcadia 2016 in the monastery of Beuron

Ausseer Barocktage

- an inspiring festival

Sabrina Frey ist artistic director and founder of the baroque music festival.


As a concert soloist it is only possible to dominate a room by using a special technique for the recorder. Concert performances in different halls and churches require a baroque music ensemble to have outstanding skill.


Sabrina Frey is one of the best-known names in recorder music and has already enjoyed notable success as a soloist with her baroque music programmes. In ensemble music she is often joined by well-known musicians who have mastered the repertoire in the same way as she has. In the concert room, the immediacy of the recorder creates an individual and almost emotional access to the baroque music. Sabrina Frey says “With the recorder, mastery begins with the highly personal aspect and where there are no technical constraints”. And so we hear her play as if she were speaking.


Under Listen & Watch you will find selected pieces from live recordings and private recordings of baroque music. Further pieces can be found on Sabrina Frey’s pages at YouTube and SoundCloud.

Ignazio Sieber

Sonate in g-Moll

Preludio Largo

Sabrina Frey performs a seldomly heard and played Sonata.

Ignazio Sieber

Sonate in g minor

Sabrina Frey performs a seldomly heard and played Sonata.

Giu. Sammartini-

Allegro aus der Sonate in G-Dur

Sabrina Frey performs with Ralf Waldner and Alessandro Andriani

G. Ph. Telemann - Sonate in  f minor 


Sabrina Frey performs with her ensemble in the Karmeliter-Monastery in Frankfurt


Accademia dell'Arcadia

Audio CD

Label: TYXart (Vertrieb Note 1)


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Christoph Graupner

Audio CD

Label: Berlin Classics


Twelve Fantasias

Audio CD

Label: Novalis


Live Mitschnitt

Audio CD



Venezia 1625

Audio CD

Label: Harmonia Mundi France


Nuria Rial

Audio CD

Label: Hänssler


Sadastan Quartett
Bach Kantaten Rilling

Audio CD

Label: Deutsche Harmonia Mundi

ASIN: B005G6G584

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