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Sabrina Frey

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Playing the recorder is like breathing music

Sabrina Frey

Mosern 17

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International Masterclasses Baroque, Gaming Austria

July 18 - 24, 2021



Sabrina Frey, recorder & chamber music

Luca Giardini, violin

Margit Übellacker, Psalterium & Hackbrett



The goal of the course is to give participants the opportunity to get to know the course's passionate musicians who regularly work as soloists, ensemble leaders and teachers. Students receive comprehensive private instruction giving them a greater understanding of period performance and the works they're studying. For this deeper understanding, students have the opportunity to hear various lectures on diverse themes of historic performance practice. The evenings will be spent playing in "Baroque Jam Sessions". At the end of the week, students and professors will perform together in one of the Cloisters baroque halls.


Cloister Gaming, Austria


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Registration Date: Due to COVID-19 still in planning


Private lessons

As it is a pleasure for me to share and pass on my music and especially my knowledge of the recorder, I am passionate about teaching. Through my training as a coach, I gain new perspectives on musicians' situations and, apart from my professional expertise, I can thus offer valuable assistance in gaining more self-competence. 

Support of young musicians

Sabrina Frey as instructor

Professor at the Kalaidos University of Music

Supporting young and talented musicians has become an essential part of my work. Already as a child and teenager, receiving important input from musicians who bring a lot of experience with them can trigger a surge of motivation. It is wonderful for me to watch how the young instrumentalists often grasp the music intuitively and know how to implement it creatively, imaginatively and very personally.


As an accredited professor of the Kalaidos University of Music Switzerland, I supervise musicians who have decided to study the recorder – also by way of a second career.

It is possible to register with me for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree course.


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Digital lessons

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International students

Students who would like to work with me but cannot make it to the master classes have the opportunity to study intensively with me in Zurich for a few days at a time. 




In order to be able to get in touch with me personally over a longer distance, I offer video calls once a month. Questions and wishes can be discussed in peace and quiet.