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On this page you will find projects that are especially close to my heart and have been with me for many years. Joint concerts in the same formations let us grow together as musicians and develop our own style. This continuity convinces the audience.


The baroque ensemble Accademia dell'Arcadia Turicum was founded by Sabrina Frey and consists of outstanding musicians specialized in historical performance practice. The aim is to bring lively interpretations on original instruments to life and to invite the modern listener into the world of the Baroque for a short time. 


In addition to their activities in renowned baroque orchestras such as Il Giardino Armonico, I Barrochisti,  Accademia Bizantina, Europa Galante and Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, the members are also in demand as international soloists and work  with the best conductors of our time.


The ensemble's repertoire focuses on the music of the 17th and 18th centuries. The combination of musicians with the size of a small court orchestra enables the performance of outstanding chamber music. A varied programming with different instrumentations makes the concerts a unique, electrifying experience. Depending on the program, the ensemble is supplemented with invited guest musicians.


The joint performances in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Germany earned great applause from the audience and were highly praised by the press.



Als akkreditierte Privatdozentin der Kalaidos Musikhochschule Schweiz betreue ich Musiker, die sich für das Studium der Blockflöte entschieden haben.

Hierbei kann man sich für einen Bachelor- oder Masterstudiengang bei mir anmelden.


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Sabrina Frey and Philippe Grisvard have been working closely together in the ensemble Accademia dell'Arcadia Turicum for many years. An increasing concert activity as a duo led to the desire to create unusual programs for recorder and harpsichord only, exploiting all the tonal, interpretative and flexible registers of these two instruments. 


Die Förderung junger und begabter Musiker ist zu einem emotional wichtigen Teil meiner Arbeit geworden. Bereits als Kind und Jugendlicher wichtige Inputs von Musikern zu erhalten, die viel Erfahrung mitbringen, kann einen Motivationsschub auslösen. Es ist für mich wunderbar zuzusehen, wie die jungen Instrumentalisten die Musik oftmals intuitiv auffassen und kreativ, fantasievoll und sehr persönlich umzusetzen wissen. Voller Begeisterung bin ich daher Jurymitglied des Schweizerischen Jugend Musik Wettbewerbs (SJMW), sowie Fachexpertin an den Stufentests im Raum Zürich. 


The collaboration with the Viennese pianist Bernhard Parz is both unconventional and outstanding. Together, the two artists discover the original music for piano and recorder and dive into completely new sound worlds. In several concerts in Zurich and in the Musikverein in Vienna the two musicians could already convince. A close collaboration has recently been established with the multimedia artists Sigrid Friedmann and Ulrich Kaufmann. Live concerts can be visually enriched and are very popular with the audience. There is also a collaboration with literary figures who incorporate contemporary texts into the program to complement the music. A unique experience!

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